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A Closer Look: The Lytt Labs Inception V1.1

The Lytt Labs Inception V1.1 is taking the brand's futuristic design and bold personality to the next level.

Since arriving to the urban lifestyle segment with a bang few years back, Lytt Labs is continuing to push the envelope with the recent introduction of the Inception V1.1.

The Lytt Labs Inception V1.1 inherits and exemplifies the brand's design philosophy - through a well-executed array of ultra-modern design elements that are unrestricted by the rules of classic watchmaking or heritage.

The Inception V1.1 measures at 45mm in size; it's big, bold and instants stands out. There are noticeable brand font, hour and minute discs enhancements compared to its predecessor V1.0; the addition of luminescent paint to all key areas of the dial (numbers, markings, logo and indicator arrows) further enhances visibility in the dark. These restrained touches add a crisper, more elegant quality to the overall aesthetic of the V1.1.

The V1.1 flips the traditional three-hand design on its head, and instead uses a combination of fixed arrowheads on a dial structure attached to the upper half of the case, rotating discs with hour and minute markers underneath, and a central arrow spinning clockwise as the seconds hand. Watching this combo at work is simply fascinating. Check out a more in-depth review of the Lytt Labs Inception V1.1 by Keep The Time here.

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